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Immerse yourself in a World of Relaxation CONSULTATION Relax and enjoy your time at the Verwöhnhotel Berghof. We would be happy to advise you when customising your spa programme because competent advise is very important to us. We tailor our treatments to suit individual needs. We take into account your wishes, your health status and your sense of well being. BOOKING & INFORMATION By telephone: +43 (0)6412/6181-500 or at the SPA reception TREATMENTS & CANCELLATION To ensure that your treatment offers pure relaxation from the very first moment, we ask you to arrive five minutes before the agreed appointment and without a mobile phone. Please understand that cancellations at short notice will be charged in full. OPENING HOURS Our Beauty & Spa area is open daily from 9 AM to 7 PM and on Sundays from 9 AM to 6.30 PM. CLOTHING For the treatments we kindly ask you to wear comfortable clothing or a bathrobe. CARE PRODUCTS TO TAKE HOME Would you like to use our care products at home? We would be pleased to put together an individual care programme for you.


4 Facial treatments Vagheggi Is one of the first Italian companies to apply the tradition of natural cosmetics at the highest level of technology. This process makes it possible to produce the purest and most natural products. VAGHEGGI is unique – is harmony

5 Fresh kick Blossoming radiance Intensive cleansing with plant-based peeling for dry skin and for quick refreshment. Gives stressed skin an instant radiance and energy with VITAMIN C. Citrus fruits of natural origin transform the treatment into an unforgettable wellness experience. Tired skin is fit again. 25 min. € 48.00 Soft touch A soothing treatment with maximum comfort and well-being. Gives a feeling of contentment and releases tension from stressed, sensitive skin. ƒ cleansing ƒ peeling ƒ massage with cool gel pads ƒ SOS ampoule ƒ mask ƒ final cream 50 min. € 89.00 ƒ cleansing ƒ peeling ƒ deep cleansing ƒ massage ƒ peel of mask ƒ final cream Fountain of youth A royal treatment to reactivate the skin and oxygenate the tissues. A violet amethyst that moisturises, firms, redefines the contours and gives an extraordinary lifting effect. 70 min. € 98.00 ƒ cleaning ƒ peeling ƒ deep cleansing ƒ eyebrow correction ƒ facial massage ƒ peel of mask ƒ final cream 80 min. € 125.00 ƒ cleansing ƒ peeling ƒ mask ƒ final care

6 Facial treatments comfort zone Our exclusive products with Italian roots are designed to achieve the most lasting results for any skin condition. Only the best ingredients of natural origin are used.

7 Balance Pure moisture Regulates sebum production and clarifies deeply. Perfect for dry and dehydrated skin. ƒ cleansing ƒ peeling ƒ deep cleansing ƒ eyebrow correction ƒ active ingredient ampoule ƒ facial massage ƒ hyaluron mask ƒ final cream Premium intensive For fresh, vibrant skin. Provides moisture and volume. Here, an active ingredient is introduced by means of ultrasound. These waves work in the upper layers of the skin. ƒ cleansing ƒ deep cleansing ƒ peeling ƒ ultrasound ƒ bio cellulose mask ƒ active lift massage ƒ final cream 80 min. € 105.00 80 min. € 135.00 ƒ cleaning ƒ peeling ƒ deep cleansing ƒ cooling seaweed mask ƒ final care 50 min. € 75.00 Freshness and vitality A perfect herbal-based treatment against fatigue symptoms. Helps to correct stress-related symptoms. ƒ cleansing ƒ peeling ƒ rolling massage with algae essence ƒ detox mask ƒ Gua Sha stone massage 50 min. € 85.00 Intensive eyes A special eye treatment for stressed, tired and sensitive eyes. A cooling mask reduces puffiness, bags under the eyes and signs of fatigue. 25 min. € 45.00

8 Peelings By applying our high-quality products, we guarantee a skin-rejuvenating and radiant appearance of your skin. Alone — or as preparation for a package of your choice with an positive effect.

9 Forest Woody warm scents reminiscent of fresh, cut wood and juicy bark. Ideal for detoxification and cleansing. 20 min. € 45.00 Aroma Sea salt and essential oils, ensure smooth and velvety skin. 25 min. € 45.00 Almond Feel good with the fruits from Italy. Renews and smoothes the skin with almond extracts, chestnut and walnut. 25 min. € 45.00

10 Packs in the floating lounger Take a soothing time-out on our warm floating lounger. With soft music, you will feel a sense of well-being for body and soul.

11 Orange blossoms Pampering programme for dry and stressed skin. Intensive care makes you happy and your skin supple. The fruity orange scent has a stimulating and balancing effect. 25 min. € 48.00 Mountain blossoms An anti-age body pack with moisture boost effect. Improves elasticity and makes your skin feel good all over. 25 min. € 50.00 Moor Soothing for the back to loosen and relax the muscles with warm support. 25 min. € 48.00 Effective firming mask The black lava mask has a detoxifying effect and envelops the skin with sensations ranging from cold to warm. The body is supported in the reduction of fat deposits. Valuable oils and volcanic minerals then nourish your skin then. 45 min. € 78.00 Wake me up For tired, swollen or aching legs. Clay, peppermint and horse chestnut pleasantly cool and relieve swelling. Includes a foot and calf massage. (Please note that this treatment takes place on the massage table). 40 min. € 68.00 Combine your body wrap with a nourishing peeling! Our tip:

12 Massages The power is deep relaxation. The peak of recreation. Our individual massages specifically release the tensions and restore body and soul back into perfect harmony. „Nature is the best guide of life“. The roots are in nature. Kurland stands for the compilation of sensible and effective formulas under the strictest quality controls. The result are effective products for skin care, health and well-being. For effective products with the best tolerability.

13 Full body massage Tension states of the musculature are balanced and the blood circulation in the body is promoted. 50 min. € 78.00 Partial body massage Ideal for combating tension with a targeted treatment. 25 min. € 48.00 Combined massage Soothing combination of a loosening back and reflexology foot massage. 50 min. € 83.00 Reflexology foot massage The foot is seen as a mirror of the body. Activates the whole organism. 25 min. € 48.00 Sports massage Best support for muscles and joints during regeneration after sports. 40 min. € 70.00 Relaxing back massage Special massage with a focus on the back, neck and shoulders. The best start in the day with full energy. 40 min. € 70.00 Deep release massage Muscle-relaxing, warming mud overlay specifically on a back area of your choice. Then enjoy a partial massage with arnica liniment. 50 min. € 87.00 Breuss massage Special energetic massage of the spine with St. John’s wort oil. It initiates the regeneration of undersupplied intervertebral discs. 50 min. € 90.00 Balance A soothing massage with a selected aromatic oil to suit the needs and mood of the moment. Switch off and enjoy! 50 Min. € 90.00 70 Min. € 110.00


15 Hot stone massage The energy of the hot stones works deep down and loosens the muscles. Works wonders for inner turmoil. 50 min. € 90.00 Herbal relax massage Immerse yourself in a magical journey with hot herbal stamps and oils for regeneration and relaxation. 50 min. € 98.00 Forest feeling Experience the wonderful scent of the forest all over your body and relax with a special massage technique using natural wooden tools. The perfect synergy between effectiveness and wellness. 45 min. € 98.00 Face and head massage By relaxing the muscles, our facial expressions become noticeably friendlier. The light pressure on the head relaxes the whole body. The gentle way to relieve thought freedom. 25 min. € 48.00

16 Little extras – great effect Our extras can of course also be booked on their own or in addition to a selected treatment.

17 Pedicure with footbath € 62.00 Foot charming pedicure Pedicure with peeling and nourishing pack. € 91.00 Manicure € 52.00 Nail polish € 14.00 Hand charming manicure Manicure with peeling and nourishing pack. € 81.00 We politely inform you that we do not offer Shellac and we cannot remove Shellac. Open eyes ƒ cooling eye mask ƒ eyelash and eyebrow tinting ƒ eyebrow correction € 75.00 eyelash tint € 18.00 Brilliant eyes eyebrow tint € 16.00 eyebrow correction € 14.00 legs to knee € 38.00 Depilation upper lip € 16.00 chin € 16.00 full legs € 58.00

18 Short time off for HIM Because men‘s skin is different. Treatments and products are specially tailored to the needs of men‘s skin. Tip: For a relaxed skin feeling, please shave one day before the application.

19 50 min. € 75.00 Purely for him Face and head massage Replenishing moisturiser, nourishing and for more radiance. Effective and healthy. Become light & free. Harmonises states of tension in the head area and the mimic facial musculature. ƒ cleansing ƒ peeling ƒ deep cleansing ƒ mask ƒ final cream Mountaineer ƒ leg massage with herbal oil 25 min. ƒ warm mud overlay back ƒ back massage with vital balm 25 min. Man of the outdoors ƒ “purely for him” facial treatment 50 min. ƒ relaxed back 40 min. ƒ warm mud overlay back 25 min. € 48.00 Pedicure with footbath € 62.00 Manicure € 52.00 package € 135.00 package € 185.00

20 Relaxation for Kids and Teens Even our youngest need energy to cope with everyday life. A rest and recuperation break, to give the body strength again, children have also more than earned it.

21 20 min. € 36.00 Hands or feet for small connoisseurs 5–12 years Gentle massage for little connoisseurs 5–12 years 20 min. € 36.00 ƒ file & paint nails ƒ care cream Clean skin feeling for teens 12–16 years 45 min. € 60.00 ƒ cleansing ƒ peeling ƒ mask ƒ aloe vera gel

22 Our packages Hours of luxury Perfectly coordinated packages whisk you away to a world of relaxation.

23 Alpine magic Short break for mums-to-be This wonderful time of life comes with rules. We have a small package that you will be able to enjoy during pregnancy. ƒ pedicure ƒ small balancing facial treatment 50 min. ƒ eyebrow correction ƒ forest peeling ƒ mountain blossom cream pack ƒ face and head massage Break of thoughts ƒ warming mud overlay ƒ balance 50 min. ƒ face and head massage Pampered all around ƒ moisture PUR facial treatment ƒ orange blossom cream pack ƒ aroma peeling package € 135.00 package € 145.00 package € 175.00 package € 187.00

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